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About Us

Clausen Oysters processing facility built in 1995.

Founded in 1985 by Max & Lilli Clausen, Clausen Oysters is under new ownership as of January 2017. Still the largest oyster grower in Oregon, crops are continuously being rotated on 600 acres of submerged tidal flats. Running an oyster business is quite an adventure! There is no 8 - 5 work schedule, nor weekends off routine. Tides and customers' orders determine the working hours. The Clausen Oyster business philosophy has been to always offer safe, select quality oysters, clean and plate ready for customers in the retail, restaurant and wholesale business. Clausen Oysters sells select shell stock in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

Max is shoveling our very first oyster seed onto the beds.

Right: Lilli Clausen grew up in Europe, immigrated to the US, was a housewife, helped in the contracting business, went back to school and teaching and eventually met Max. Together they embarked - according to the local banks - into the very risky business of growing oysters.

Clausen Oysters is a long time member of the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association.

Max Clausen came to the oyster business from a dairy background, time in the Air Force, and eventually several years of work on a local oyster farm.


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