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How to shuck a live oyster the easy way

The shucking knife points to the hinge which holds the two shells together.

The muscle will be 2/3 down from the hinge and 2/3 back from the side.

Step 1
Oyster shells are sharp. Use a towel or gloves to hold oyster. Place oyster cup down with the hinge toward your wrist.

Step 2
The secret is a pair of pliers to break a small opening into the rim of the very hard shell.

Step 3
Insert shucking knife tip into the shell opening made by the pliers.

Step 4
Slide blade along the underside of the top shell to sever the muscle.

Step 5
Oyster will pop open.
(Knife tip is pointing to where the oyster muscle was connected to the shell.)

Step 6
The proper way to serve an oyster is to also sever the muscle from the bottom shell and then flip the oyster over for nicer presentation on the half shell.

Temperature is very important when serving uncooked oysters that is why half shell oysters are served on ice.



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